Mercedes –Benz E350 W212 rental

  • Mercedes –Benz E350 W212
  • Mercedes –Benz E350 W212
  • Mercedes –Benz E350 W212
  • Mercedes –Benz E350 W212
  • Mercedes –Benz E350 W212
  • Mercedes –Benz E350 W212
  • Mercedes –Benz E350 W212
  • Mercedes –Benz E350 W212
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  • 4-14 days
  • 15-29 days
  • 30+ days
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Take MERCEDES-BENZ E350 4-MATIC W212 for rent

The quality of the vehicles produced by German car industry leaves no doubt to anyone. On the contrary, people will be in a very surprised state if German production turns out to be of terrible quality.

But this will never happen in fact and did not happen when Mercedes released a new E-class sedan. Every self-respecting person can test it after renting it for any period of time. The car can be rented with or without a driver for independent riding.

E350 4-matic W212 is just incredible. It looks super-sporty, conveying the strength and power with his appearance all that are under his bonnet.

Changes have occurred in the grille, too. Now it can be seen in two versions. In the classic model branded emblem is located directly on the bonnet.

But on the sport Mercedes brand mark flaunts right on the central part of the radiator grille, along with two slats.

Everyone, who decides to rent the vehicle, will notice the new block headlights, which are made in a single variation. Now there are no those old four-piece headlights.

By the way, the bonnet is also slightly modified. its rear part is extended (wings + LED lights) in order to make the car look elegant.