How to profit from leasing your favorite car

The majority of entrepreneurs, sooner or later, start to think about leasing a car. Unfortunately, only a few people have deep knowledge about the procedure of leasing an auto. Moreover, others do not even know what this procedure itself means. Representatives of a trusted and reliable VIP CAR company can answer all your questions concerning the nuances of leasing a car. To get as much information as possible on getting a car for hire under a leasing agreement, you should call the hotline phones or leave a request with the questions of interest on the company’s official website.


The main types of car leasing

It is important to note that the operational type of the leasing is commonly referred to the process of transfering any vehicles or equipment to a representative of a legal entity. Leasing allows legal entities to pay for car rental cars gradually and in parts.

Managers of the company claim that it is not necessary to pay the full cost of the car, including used ones. This rental car service is quite popular in the city of Kiev and allows you to change vehicles constantly.

However, auto leasing is not only operational, but also financial. This type of leasing the car provides the possibility of its buy-out in the future. At the same time VIP CAR specialists conclude two contracts with the potential client – leasing and purchase and sale.

In order to use the services of VIP CAR and hire any type of car or lease the vehicle, it is necessary to fulfill a number of conditions:

The main differences between the credit and leasing

Leasing of the used car in our reliable and trusted company VIP CAR slightly differs from obtaining a credit for the purchase of the same car. If you get a credit on a car in a banking institution, you will use the bank’s money and have to pay the money gradually. At the same time, exactly the potential client will have to pay all expenses, that is not very profitable.

Managers of the company claim that to lease a motor vehicle is much more profitable. The agreement is tripartite, as it involves not only the borrower, but also the auto show, and the leasing company. It is the legal entity which will pay a small amount for the fact that it uses the machine.

The leasing agreement will cost much less, since maintenance, refueling and technical service costs are borne by a legal entity, however, the car will belong to the borrower.

At the same time VIP CAR employees indicate that the loan in the bank will be issued only for three years, and leasing – for five years, so this procedure will be much more economical. Of course, representative of the legal entity will not pay any fees and payments, since these items of expenditure are already included in the firm’s budget.

Renting a car on a lease is inexpensive, because you do not have to pay taxes and fees, moreover you can choose your own insurance system or change the payment schedule.

Thus, it is advantageous to lease a car, however, company managers indicate that the contract is terminated immediately if at least one payment is overdue. At the same time the car returns to the car park of the company, and the contract is terminated without refund of the money already paid.