The terms of car renting


Insurance forCar car rental

The price of CIVOCL and CASCO insurances is already included into car hire cost. Moreover, our company gives an opportunity to expand the Compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle ownersand insurance of passengers.

In case of necessity to add another (additional) driver into the rental contract of the vehicle the client should know that it is a paid service and is worth 10% of the rental price for every day.

What about the insurance policy, one has to know that it is valid only if there are references from policemen, reports and resolutions that an offense really was.



The methods of payment for car rental

Our clients can pay for renting car and other services by any comfortable and suitable way including cash and bank transfer. The majority prefer using bank cards: Maestro, Visa, MasterCard.

Also you are able to make payment cash or carry out transactions directly via our website.

Another variant: find out our payment requisites and make non-cash transfer.

The payment should be made beforehand and in full. In case of returning the vehicle before the hire period is over, we shall recalculate the price and return the difference.

If you choose non-cash payment on car rental and make it via our website, so check your e-mail. When the payment is OK, we get your money, operation is successfully completed and the car is reserved, you will receive a notification to your email. In case you arrange the car rental on special prices and return


Conditions for obtaining and returning the rental automobile

We hope that the responsibility of our clients is as high as a quality of our services.

You rent the clean car and the tank of car will be full of fuel. Please, return car in the same condition, including a full tank of fuel. If the fuel is less than necessary, you should pay the difference in accordance with a price established by our auto hire.

If you pay in non-cash way for a rental car through our website, car is given after confirmation that the funds successfully transferred to the bank account of our company. At the same time you will receive the notification to email with a proof of payment.

In case you exceed the time-limit for whatever reason and delay the deadline of returning the rented car for more than 2 hours, you will have to make an extra payment for the full rent day.



Additional services for car rental

Furthermore, if you need some extra options, they are just ready to hand! Every client can order different services or equipment by calling our managers, sending email or asking for what he/she wants right in our office. Understandable that all we offer in addition to the car needs extra payment.

  • You can obtain the next equipment and services in our company:
  • l GPS-navigator;
  • l Baby car seat;
  • l Battery charger for mobile phone;
  • l Exceeding of car mileage;
  • l Map of the city Kiev and Kiev region;
  • l Light pledge (guarantee consists 30% of the standard amount of bail for permanent and reliable clients);
  • l Expanding and adding the items to the Compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners.



The offenses and penalties related to the car rent

If you have any violations and fines during the term of renting car, you will be responsible for that. Moreover, in this case the employees of our company have the right to impose the fine amount on you and require to pay for administrative expenses.



The territory for rent car driving

Kiev is at your disposal. You can drive Kiev region and trip all over Ukraine as well.

Mileage per day should not exceed 250 km (two hundred and fifty kilometers). In case of excess the meter reading, you must make an additional payment. Also, it is possible to leave Kiev and Kiev region using rented car. But exceeding the mileage needs additional payment.



Pledge while renting a car

Pledge means that at the same moment when the car rental is documented, the specified sum of money is blocked on your card bank account. This option is required for any company that provides car rental services all over the world!