Car rental of any vehicle models and brands

For those who appreciate expensive cars of premium class will like our rental service in Kiev. All our premium class cars are real legends that can be proved by chrome and steel trimming.

 For example, we have Infinity FX37. Its native FM-platform combined with the engine like Nissan Skyline of 13th generation. Sports EFIX looks a little bit aggressively, and differs a lot from a usual SUV. There car has quite a powerful equipment, narrow windows, corner 20 inch wheels, low profile tires.

VIP-class cars rental

When you look inside the cabin of this car you will admit deep and extremely comfortable seats, elegant rudder. So this car is unbearably luxurious. SUV is created as a crossover car, so it will drive perfectly on city roads. The engine is 333 horsepower and engine capacity is 3.7 l. At the same time it is a very economical model as its fuel consumption is no more than 12.2 l per 100 km of 95 petrol.

Another variant of premium class car is BMW X6 that we purchased not so long ago. The engine is 258 horsepower, it reaches 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds. The engine capacity is 3.0 l, petrol – diesel, eight-speed automatic transmission. Despite the fact that it is a very powerful and high-speed car, its fuel consumption is no more than 8 l per 100 km. And this vehicle you ca rent in our car rental service in Kiev. In connection with BMW X5 this car is 9mm longer and 7.2cm higher.

But at the same time it is also very comfortable. You will also like its rich trimming and lots of accessories. The seats are made of black leather, the same is the ceiling. When driving this car you will feel young and strong. The car makes you more self-confident, underlines your prestige and status.

Despite the fact that the car is quite expensive and not all people may afford to buy it, everybody may enjoy driving it renting BMW X6 in our company.

Premium-class cars rental VIP -service

Rental service of premium-class cars helps to underline status and prestige of the driver. Such can are used for summits, business meetings, exhibitions etc.

Renting a premium class car in Kiev you demonstrate your individuality. It is a good possibility to surprise people, to underline your style and sense of taste.

We offer:

Premium-class car is available to everyone!

Lots of people think that only famous people and men of means can afford rent a premium-class car. But in VIP CAR company it is possible to rent such a vehicle without a deposit and with no mileage limitations for any term.

We surely ask to fulfill some rules:

Some cars can be rented without a deposit, but this can be offered only for constant clients. If you use our service for the first time we will offer you to take a car from you after rent time from any part of Kiev.

So all the clients will be satisfied with our car rental service!

Do not hesitate, visit our car fleet and find the premium-class car that will suit your status.