A number of special offers and promotions for car rental without a driver from the company VIP CAR

The popular car rental company “VIP CAR”, which deals with the introduction of special services and promotions, provides a vehicle for hire without a driver. At the same time, this Kiev company offers its services on terms favorable for all clients.

5% discount! 


This type of discount is available when you rent a vehicle on weekdays. In the so-called “hot days”, from Monday to Thursday, the discount will be given to you if you rent a car for one day or for a couple of days.

If the client wants to use this proposition, he should know about the next rules:

All changes and additions should be specified by calling the hotline of the Kiev company by phone number +38 (073) 169 -94-27.


7% discount!


In the event that the contract of car rental will be concluded with a legal entity, the last has a chance to get a 7% discount. If the rental of the vehicle is both short-term and long-term, then a discount of seven percent will be offered to the client since the first day of rental.

This discount will not apply to additional services, and to receive it, the potential client has to fulfill the following conditions:

To clarify the other conditions of this special offer, it is possible by calling the managers of the company +38 (073) 169 -94-27 by phone.


10% discount!


Special shares for a weekend or working week for which a 10% discount is offered are accompanied by a number of conditions that can be learned by dialing the number of VIP CAR managers +38 (073) 169 -94-27.

To get a discount you need:

These tariffs are really ideal for those who want to rent the necessary car on weekdays, weekends or holidays quickly, trustfully and economically.


15% discount!


A discount of fifteen percent is offered by the company’s managers to the constant and the most loyal clients of VIP CAR.

To get a discount you need:

It is worth to clarify whether there were some changes in the conditions of this action by calling +38 (073) 169 -94-27.

You should know that the client cannot take the car in rent with 15% discount if he participates in other promotions or is rented under the tariff of “30 +”.


20% discount!


If you dial +38 (067) 376-90-32 on your birthday, you can listen to the warmest words of VIP CAR employees and get a pleasant surprise in the form of a 20% discount.

To get a discount you need:

This discount is only possible for three days before the holiday and three days after the celebration of the birthday.


Don’t forget to specify details calling on the managers of Kiev company “VIP CAR” by phone: +38 (073) 169-94-27.