Technical Assistance program - round-the-clock help to motorists

Assistance program - round-the-clock help to motorists

The specialists of our remarkable company, according to the Assistance program, are able to help everyone in any situation that seems even hopeless. You should contact the company if the car is involved in a traffic accident or any breakages or problems with the vehicle are found.

We can provide to the car enthusiasts the masters from our company who solve different problems:

  1. Breakdowns of a mechanical nature – this is due to the fact that any motor vehicle sooner or later fails; specialists involved in the repair of vehicles under the Assistance program can go to the location of the car in order to conduct a timely guaranteed repair or tow it to the service station to repair a malfunction or to diagnose.
  2. Accident – in the event that the car was involved in a traffic accident, its owner could call at any time of the day to the Assistance hotline to ask for help; while assistance is not limited to eliminating mechanical failures, specialists can call an ambulance, the police, a fire brigade or provide a lawyer who will give advice on the accident.
  3. Insufficient amount of fuel – a lot of car enthusiasts fall into a problem situation because of the fact that they do not know how to correctly calculate the required amount of petrol, gas or diesel fuel; at the same time it is worth immediately dialing the phone number and explaining to the managers of the center where the car is located; employees of the call center will tell you where the gas station is located, or they will bring a canister with the necessary amount of fuel to the destination.
  4. Discharged battery – in the event when, due to ridiculous accident, the battery is exhausted, the driver could consult the managers over the phone or ask an expert to come to the place and help to start the engine.
  5. Problems with tires – quite often drivers have absolutely unpredictable problems with tires, including standard punctures or cuts; tire-escorting specialists can help to cope with this problem every day of the week, regardless of whether there is day or night.
  6. Other issues – if the client calls the hotline, he will be able to ask any questions of interest, ask to find the necessary address, book a hotel room or ticket for any mode of transport.

It is worthwhile to clarify that every person who participates in the Assistance program does this voluntarily and automatically.

This Assistance service acts:

Assistance – technical support of VIP CAR customers by phone:

+38 (067) 376-90-32

+38 (073) 169-94-27

Having rented a car in our company, a car rental client can be sure that the breakdowns will be eliminated and the problems solved.