Carsharing car rental and its features


Nowadays the attention of many Ukrainians is attracted by the term “carsharing”, however, sometimes they do not aspire to find out exactly what it means. At the same time, our compatriots are losing the opportunity to use this service.

Experts of a reliable Kyiv car rental company VIP CAR, that provides a great car range of different classes and models, can explain what a carcharing exactly means. Everyone has an opportunity to study this information in the corresponding section of the company’s official website or calling the managers on around the clock hotline phones.


The cars rental to hour:

Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG
1 hour /40$*, deposit 900$
Mercedes-Benz G500
1 hour /35$*, deposit 900$
Mercedes-Benz GL550
1 hour /30$*, deposit 800$
Mercedes-Benz ML350
1 hour /30$*, deposit 700$
Mercedes-Benz S550 4-matic
1 hour /25$*, deposit 800$
Mercedes-Benz E350 4-matic
1 hour /20$*, deposit 600$
Mercedes-Benz E250d
1 hour /20$*, deposit 600$
Mercedes-Benz CLS 550 4-matic
1 hour /30$*, deposit 800$
Mercedes-Benz Viano 4-matic
1 hour /20$*, deposit 700$
Audi A7
1 hour /30$*, deposit 700$
Porsche Cayenne GTS
1 hour /30$*, deposit 700$
VW Caddy
1 hour /10$*, deposit 300$

*- min order three hours


At the same time, like any other European capitals, Kiev has become one of the cities in which new tendencies are tested for viability. It is worth noting that in Paris, London or Moscow, the phenomenon of carsharing has not already surprised anyone, as people realized that it is comfortable, in touch and affordable in value.

The service of the carcharing has become firmly established in Kiev, proving its viability in practice.


The concept of carsharing and its main differences from other types of car rental services

According to the modern dictionary of foreign words, carsharing is a car rental, but on fairly interesting grounds. In literal translation, this term means a car hire service for a certain period of time. You should know that you can rent a car not only for a day, but for an hour or even for several minutes.

The service of the carcharing is quite widespread in the territory of European countries, while in Kiev and the rest of Ukraine the more classic variant of car rent is more popular.

Carsharing is a kind of rent that perfectly fits such categories of citizens that use the vehicles not constantly, but on a case-by-case basis and only within a settlement.

This system of car hire is organized in such a way that every client can take the car in rent for an hour or for ten or twenty minutes in any branch of our company located on the territory of Ukraine, except ARC, Donetsk or Lugansk regions.


How to conclude a contract of carsharing

Carsharing services in Kiev are provided by VIP CAR company, so its managers can explain all of the nuances, advantages and disadvantages of this kind of car rent.

To get the vehicle of the company’s car fleet, you should:

The VIP CAR company provides the services of carsharing in two popular schemes, including classical, when a car rented for this system returns to the same parking place. The second scheme assumes the possibility of leaving the car in any other car parkings where the carsharing services are provided. You can leave an automobile in parkings including those located in other cities of Ukraine.

It is worth noting that the most ideal option is the placement of our company’s carsharing branches throughout Ukraine. In this case, this service resembles a taxi or public transport, and its cost is quite acceptable.

A potential customer benefits a lot from the fact that he will receive a technically serviceable, safe and reliable car after the conclusion of the carsharing contract. The fact is that this service is economical, since it reduces the cost of operating your own car by about 70%.

In the event that your own car is almost always in the garage and does not run and 16 000 kilometers, it is worth seriously thinking about the carsharing.

Advantages and disadvantages of the carsharing

It is important to clarify that the service of carsharing in the company VIP CAR in many ways resembles a banal rental of a vehicle without a driver.

Advantages of a carsharing before the usual rental of cars are as follows:

Despite the unspeakable advantages of this kind of car rental services, carcharing is still not widely spread on the territory of Ukraine, therefore Ukrainians and guests of the country are only just eyeing it and making their own conclusions.

The minority of carsharing negative aspects includes:

How the service of the carsharing can affect the ecology in the city

The managers of VIP CAR point out that the phenomenon of the casharing is not only convenient for customers, but also has a beneficial effect on the ecological situation in the country and even improves it.

So, what is this improvement of ecology?

The service of carsharing is extremely popular recently, as potential customers prefer to use rented cars, so as not to invest money in operation, refueling, repairing and washing a personal car.

Without own car, people try to replace it with public or bicycle transport, which is very uncomfortable. With the company VIP CAR such people will have an opportunity to travel safely, economically and reliably, without high financial costs.