The conditions only under which the car will be issued for rent

usloviyaAccording to the data posted on the official site, the cost of the daily rent will include:


Restrictions on mileage

VIP CAR establishes a number of restrictions, including on a daily mileage. The mileage limit is set at 250 kilometers (two hundred and fifty kilometers) per day.

By the way, if you are a permanent client of the company, our services become more profitable, safe and reliable for you. For example, for such client we provide cars of any class with limited mileage of an enlarged type or at all without any restrictions.

It is worth noting that there are restrictions on the age of the motorist, which you can find out calling on hotline phones that operate around the clock + 38 (067) 376-90-32 or +38 (073) 169-94-27.

The matter is that the car of a middle or economy class could be given in hire only to the citizen who has reached 18-year (eighteen years). In the event that a person is 22 years old (twenty-two years old), he is able to rent a car of a more prestigious class – SUV, executive or business cars.


Driving license and the possibility of a second driver

In order to choose one of the car, photos of which you can see in the catalog of the company’s car fleet, please, attend our website Remember that it is be necessary to have a driving experience of if you want to rent a car.

It is worth noting that a driver’s license of a person who wants to rent a car must have a strictly established form and be valid throughout the territory of Ukraine. The name and surname should be written in Latin letters. Also you can provide an international driving license.

Additional driver

If you know that the rented car will be driven by more than one driver, it is necessary to pay for this service – 10% (ten percent) of the full cost of the day of hire.

By the words, it is strictly forbidden to register more than two people for driving a rented vehicle.

VIP CAR wehicle insurance

Every car that is in the car park of our prestigious and popular VIP CAR company is insured in full by CASCO and OSAGO programs.

It is useful to know that customers will never be responsible for:

Having called by phones + 38 (067) 376-90-32 or +38 (073) 169-94-27 it is possible to specify, what there are kinds of additional insurance:

The insurance directs on the damage harmed to life and health, on loss of ability to work. Insurance payment spreads on all passengers and driver.

Super insurance allows you to cover the damage, which is determined by the framework of compulsory insurance.


Super RIW*  –  «lack of partial liability in case of accident” takes responsibility for damage to the vehicle in case of the insured accident, with damage up to $ 1000 inclusive (the amount of damage is estimated by the technical service)./em>

Nevertheless, any damage caused to the car including its body by hits on the lower parts (bridge, thresholds, fenders, or any other part below, including any damage to the wheels) is paid by the Renter, even if he owned Super RIW insurance.

Super TIW**The customer is not responsible for the loss of the license plate, the loss of the technical passport, any damage to the car, the repair of which costs not more than $ 1500 inclusive.

*** Super RIW   and  Super TIW services do not work if the Renter ruled a car in the state of alcoholic, narcotic or toxic intoxication, as well as if the insurance company refuses to recognize the event as an insured.


The sum insured will not be paid, if:


Pledge and order of his return

When the deposit is paid in cash, it is returned in the same amount immediately after the car returning.

If the deposit is paid in the form of a cashless payment, then it is returned in the same form.

But when payment is made by plastic bank cards of the established pattern, the refund of the pledge to the client is made in cash in the currency in which the payment was made.

To pay daily rent of the car is possible in the ways defined on a site of the company, namely:


How is the car rented and for how long?

It is worth noting that receiving or transferring of a rented car implies certain rules:

It is possible to rent a vehicle for a day, or you can use it for a long time. In this case, the longer the lease term, the lower the price of the rent.

You should remember that the rent term starts from the time the VIP CAR client receives the keys to the vehicle.

When the lease term comes to an end, the delay in returning for a couple of hours will already be paid as for the whole day.

The company’s cars are fitted with rubber according to the season, however, there is no extra charge for it.


How to book a one way car and cross the border of Ukraine

It is worthwhile to clarify immediately that we do not provide services outside Ukraine, because it is prohibited by the rules of our company.

However, regular and trusted VIP CAR clients can call the hotline phone numbers + 38 (067) 376-90-32 or +38 (073) 169-94-27 24 hours a day to discuss the possibility to travel outside the country.

But renting a one way car is not only possible, but is welcomed, since it is convenient to take the car in one place and to return in completely different. Thus in this case it is necessary to overpay 199 $ dollars for the car of a middle and economy class, or $ 299 for a vehicle of a business and VIP-class.

 There is an opportunity to discuss the getting and returning of vehicles of any class at any time of the day, including holidays.


Cost of booking and additional services when you rent a car

Booking of a car for rent by phone or on the official site means getting automatically a discount that will depend on the booking term:

At the same time, early booking will be valid only if a preliminary payment is made in the amount of the discount.

For an additional fee, it is possible to receive additional services, including the selection of the necessary car, returning it to another city on the territory of Ukraine.

For half a dollar a day, the client will be offered to install a baby car seat, a video recorder, a wireless Internet router and other devices.


What to do with the fuel and malfunctions in the way

The motor vehicle is rented, as a rule, with a full fuel tank, so it also returns with the full tank. If the client does not have the desire to visit the gas station, then he can pay $ 1.45 per liter to our managers.

You can immediately make a payment for a full fuel tank during the booking of a car. It is quite cheaper for clients because they have to pay only 1.05 dollars per liter of fuel and then they cannot think about replenishing of fuel when the time of returning the car comes.


The technical assistance of the company can be ordered with:

At the same time each client automatically falls under this program, which is very profitable, as the company’s specialists leave for calls all over Ukraine around the clock.


Additional questions

Potential customers are obliged to return cleaned rented car or pay for the complex washing services – $ 10 (ten dollars).

If the car is damaged due to the actions of the client, the security deposit is reduced by the amount of maintenance or repair damage.

It is worth to clarify that there is no collection at the airports, and when paying by bank cards, cashless settlement or through online payments, you will have to pay an extra 8%.

Car rent payment is traditionally carried out in hryvnia or dollars. In the event that the client wants to pay the rent in a different currency, they will be translated into the UAH at the exchange rate, which is set on a specific day of payment.