Features of car rental in the VIP CAR company

dop-osobennostiMany clients ask questions about the specifics of car rental, most of which can be found in the relevant section of the site https://vip-cars.com.ua

Border crossing: 

• Most of the questions concern the possibility of traveling outside Ukraine in a rented car. Managers of VIP CAR company indicate that the driver has no rights to leave the territory of the country.

At the same time, clients who use the services of the above-mentioned company for a long time have the possibility to go CIS countries or Europe using the rented car. But it is necessary to sign a preliminary agreement with company representatives.

One-way rent: 

At the same time, a representative of the company will surely pick up the car at the destination, but for an additional fee of $ 199 (for middle and economy class) and $ 299 (for business, VIP and executive class).

Non-working time:

• Getting of a rented car or returning it is possible at any time convenient for the client, including holidays and weekends. Getting quality car rental services is possible at any time of the day.

Early booking: 

You can book the car well before receiving the keys from it, and moreover the client can get a discount:

However, it is necessary to make a preliminary payment, the amount of which is equal to the amount of the discount. It is possible to make the payment via a special form on the site https://vip-cars.com.ua .