Add services with driver

If a damaged car can be replaced for free, just like evacuation measures, then there are a number of services that will need to be paid additionally. Their list is available on the official website:

Additional services and useful accessories for car rental:

* Super RIW «lack of partial liability in case of accident” takes responsibility for damage to the vehicle in case of the insured accident, with damage up to $ 1000 inclusive (the amount of damage is estimated by the technical service).

Nevertheless, any damage caused to the car including its body by hits on the lower parts (bridge, thresholds, fenders, or any other part below, including any damage to the wheels) is paid by the Renter, even if he owned Super RIW insurance.

** Super TIWThe customer is not responsible for the loss of the license plate, the loss of the technical passport, any damage to the car, the repair of which costs not more than $ 1500 inclusive.

*** Super RIW andSuper TIW services do not work if the Renter ruled a car in the state of alcoholic, narcotic or toxic intoxication, as well as if the insurance company refuses to recognize the event as an insured.