The advantages of booking car in VIP CAR company

Almost every person who loves to travel the world knows that in order to save money and time, it is necessary to use the services of booking. Of course, in our time early booking is available not only for restaurant tables, hotel rooms, train tickets, but also for a vehicle.


In order to quickly and securely book a car, you should contact the VIP CAR company in Kiev. Thus it is necessary to pay at once all sum of money for rented car, but the benefit will exceed cost of hire of the car.

What are the advantages of  booking car without driver

If a potential client decides to order a car in advance by calling a hotline or filling out a special form, he will receive many advantages:


If you book a car in advance with VIP CAR, you can get various discounts for a reserved car. They will depend on the term of booking. For example, a discount will get:



Some nuances of booking car without driver

In order to book a vehicle in the company VIP CAR, you should visit the official website of the company for 14 days, determine the necessary dates and only then put the reservation on it.


After that, the client should adhere to the following rules:

It is worth to clarify that booking a car of any brand for two weeks in a trusted and reliable company VIP CAR means the existence of some rules. It is necessary to take into account some nuances before booking a car.

We understand that there are some unexpected circumstances which cannot depend on the wish of a potential client or the company. They can affect the abolition of the reservation.

Please, if such situation was happened, don’t afraid and hide from the managers of our company. Just call on our managers at least a day before the rent contract enters into force and explain your situation. The company is loyal to each client, so it will necessarily return the paid rental amount in two weeks from the time of the request, and the penalty will not be charged.

Discounts for early booking will not apply to other discounts, as well as to promotional cars.