If you cannot look for the answers to your questions on the pages of our site, just send us email or call us to get expert advice from our manager. Below summarizes a list of most frequently asked questions to rental car 

If it is daytime, you have to contact our manager immediately, and if it is night, just send SMS with main details. Prepare a package of all necessary documents and certificates (more info - in the rental contract).
Make the terms of car rental as maximum long as possible. Become a regular lessee of our car rental and get lower prices.
You can pay for our services by cash or non-cash. But the blocking of the pledge requires banking card, as a rule.
Yes, of course! We insure all cars by CASCO and the Compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners.
Repairing car is prohibited without the consent of the manager of our car rental. In the daytime you should call our operators, at night - send SMS and wait for our recall.
No, you can’t. But if you become our regular client, the amount of pledge can be reduced over time, or you will generally rent a car without any pledge.
If this happens because of traffic jams in the capital, and delay does not exceed more than two hours, we do not charge additional fees. But it is required to alert our managers by calling them! In case the delay exceeds 2 hours, you will have to pay for one extra day rental.
The basic rule of our company is using the rented car only in Kiev and Kiev region. Permanent client have an opportunity to leave Kiev and Kiev region and go to other cities at the coordination of our managers.
Such situation is possible only if it is consistent with our company and stated in the rental contract. It is also necessary to issue the same request on additional driver, whose age and driving experience should fully correspond to the legislation.
Yes, sure! We advise you to specify the cost of services, because it can vary depending on the distance from the point of your whereabouts to the car location.
If you are contacting us for the first time, you must provide a passport of the citizenship, driving license and, if applicable, a foreign passport. A credit or another bank card is also necessary.