Advantages of rental cars

Car hire in Kiev: its advantages and popularity.

preimRental cars in Kiev, as the kind of transport services, becomes more and more popular with each passing day.

This is due to many reasons.

Firstly, the fact that the companies engaged in this type of service provide a very large range of vehicles. Secondly, a car can be taken with or without a driver.

To order a car in Kiev in VIP CAR you should prepare the minimal set of documents:

As for the insurance, the general vehicle’s condition and maintenance services, our clients do not have to even think of that because we commit ourselves to solve all these issues!;

In addition, there are other benefits of rental cars in Kiev:

It is comfortable to rent car in Kiev, when you have, for example, troubles with your own car and need to go to another city urgently.

It is enough just to visit our car rental company, choose the right vehicle, and then execute documents.

All that steps take you quite a bit of time.

 In addition, car rental employees can bring the vehicle to a specified address in desired time on the, if you need it!

It’s profitable!

 Thus, you can save a lot of time while visiting all the necessary places. It is absolutely no need to think and worry about car maintenance. And if you rent a car with a driver, you can get a lot of pleasure from the trip.


Do not despair if something is broken in your rent car – we replace this one by another car very quickly. Also, we can repair broken details quickly and accurately.

Certainly, today there are other advantages, such as good news arrangement of rental services. Clients, who prefer to rent a car in Kiev, constantly demand news and updated information.

Such datum about new propositions, actions, opening new offices are really useful to the clients and if we deliver such information, it also affects the growth of the company’s popularity.

It is important to know!

 In connection with the “coming of the season” in Kiev, a lot of new small companies start to offer their rental services on very favorable terms – as a rule, these terms is the low cost.

You should know that such firms are “something ephemeral”, they work just some weeks and then disappear forever.

Please, be very cautious and careful in order not to fall into a scam or fraud.

To warn you from scams, you need to rent a car only in checked Kiev companies, and it is not recommended to pay before the service is received.

Our VIP CAR company works in the market not the first year (since 2007).

During this period numerous residents of Kiev, as well as many visitors from other cities of Ukraine, have become our clients and many of them are regular customers.

We offer the most comfortable price and insured, technically fixed car for rental.

Delivery and reception of a car in Kiev is 24 hours a day!