Car rental company VIP CAR and quality standards of work

Proven for years and reliable company VIP CAR for a long time provides car rental services in Ukraine. At the same time, in their actions, managers should be guided by international quality standards.

You should know that calling on the company’s phones +38 (067) 376-90-32 or +38 (073) 169-94-27 a potential client can easily pick up a technically serviceable car from a wide range of models. All the nuances of car rental can be found on the official website of the company

Basic parameters of car rental services

We are so proud that our company VIP CAR provides freedom of choice for every potential client. The main characteristics of choosing a car includes:

A few words about the technical condition of cars that are provided for rent.

Employees of our company can tell after the call by phone + 38 (067) 376-90-32 or +38 (073) 169-94-27 about the technical condition of each car in the car park. At the same time on the official site there is all information that relates to the rented car, the conditions and features of its hire, as well as its cost and information about additional services.

Experts of the company make constant diagnostics and maintenance of cars of any classes. Each vehicle is carefully prepared for the “meeting” with the customer, it is carefully washed, the cabin is thoroughly cleaned, the level of the brake fluid and oil is checked, the components of the car are also inspected.

Every automobile in the car park constantly and timely undergoes technical inspection, they are under guarantee. In case of any breakdown, a technical assistance will help you to solve the problem immediately. If it is not possible to repair car quickly, the rented car will be replaced by another similar vehicle.

24 hours a day it will be possible to receive technical, legal and informational support. It is interesting and important to know that the specialists of our company regularly study in America, getting useful experience from our western colleges.

Culture of customer service by drivers and managers

Every driver and manager, working in our company, knows everything about the culture of serving potential customers. At the same time, we are keeping an eye on the following rules: