Mercedes –Benz E250 CDI rental

  • Mercedes –Benz E250 CDI
  • Mercedes –Benz E250 CDI
  • Mercedes –Benz E250 CDI
  • Mercedes –Benz E250 CDI
  • Mercedes –Benz E250 CDI
  • Mercedes –Benz E250 CDI
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The new E-model from Mercedes is represented by a new generation after it has been produced for 4 years, and also after the sale of almost one million cars. Almost two thousand absolutely new elements were used in the new E250 car. Sedan has become more dynamic and outwardly independent.

The leadership position of the manufacturer in the field of technological advancesis proved with this auto E-class confirms. It also provides modern design, brand new headrests and adaptive types of lamps.

Among all the cars on the planet in this segment, none can offer such a combination! You can check it by yourself after renting a Mercedes-Benz E250 CDI! With the broadest list of auto security systems, Mercedes E-class is the safest one, among similar cars in class.

Furthermore, a lot of pleasure will be broughtby DIRECT CONTROL, which provides good control of the steering wheel, newly tuned lights, and, of course, new engines.

The fuel consumption ofthe car is very low, however, its power is 26% higher! The same can be said about the torque, which is increased by 18%!

Enjoy driving Mercedes-Benz E250 CDI – all you have to do is to rent it in our company at the most favorable terms!

  • Роман Куличенко

    брал на недельку, очень понравилась, задумался о покупке такого авто.

  • Макс Новиков

    За услугами по прокату автомобиля обратился в компанию впервые, обратится именно сюда мне посоветовал коллега по работе, говорил что тут хороший автопарк и ответственные сотрудники . Брал автомобиль мерседес е класс на 4 дня. Все без проблем, не дорого, лишнего ничего не насчитали)