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Rent of VW POLO

VOLKSWAGEN POLO is proud and independent and this car is represented in our car rental company! It combines excellent German quality and refined style.

This sedan is not afraid of any obstacles; because it is extremely manageable and maneuverable, it behaves steadily in any situation. This is a great car for our roads.

In addition, it is comfortable and cozy. The seats are ergonomic and their covers are made of fabric, which is very soft and wear-resistant. The armrest for the right hand of the driver is comfortable, there is a leather sheath on the steering wheel, cup holders and other elements that ease the long trip.

Despite of the compactness of the car, it is quite spacious. The luggage compartment fits at least 460 litres which is quite impressive for such car that is why it is ideal for holiday travel.

The gasoline engine is economical and made in accordance with Euro-5 standards: 4-cylinder engine with the distribution injection of 90 or 110 horsepower. It is combined with either 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic gearbox.

The volume of the engine is 1.6 litres. The one of1.4 litreand 125 HP is equipped with 6-speed manual or 7‑speed automatic gearbox.

VW Polo accelerates to 100 km/h car within 11 seconds. Its fuel consumption is limited by 5.7 litres on 100 km.

  • Вадим Бойко

    Брал на месяц, пока мою машину ремонтировали. Сделали очень хорошую скидку :)))
    Поло очень хороший автомобиль, маленький расход, вместительный багажник, автомат коробка.