Mercedes –Benz ML 250 CDI rental

  • Mercedes –Benz ML 250 CDI
  • Mercedes –Benz ML 250 CDI
  • Mercedes –Benz ML 250 CDI
  • Mercedes –Benz ML 250 CDI
  • Mercedes –Benz ML 250 CDI
  • Mercedes –Benz ML 250 CDI
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Take MERCEDES-BENZ ML 250 CDI for rent

This car is quite luxurious and gorgeous in its classin the automarket. Mercedes –Benz ML 250 CDI is one of those, it has a 2.2 liter diesel engine. In our car rental service you can take ML 250 CDI with various functions of comfort, including the lighting system of the environment, as well as the electric hatch.

Renting this car, you will be pleased with the built-in DVD player, which has twointegrated displays with wireless headphones. All in all, the complex can provide excellent sound and image quality.

In addition, this trimmer has a system active curve which shows active stabilizer rods. You will also be pleased with the intelligent lighting system, which provides the optimal level of visibility, regardless of weather conditions.

The finishing is quite subtle and functionally comfortable in the Mercedes-Benz M Class ML 250 CDI. It also includes the THERMOTRONIC climate control, which has three control modes, as well as zones for adjusting the temperature and maintaining coolness in the cabin.

It also has functions that include direct steering control with temperature control of the cup holder, power adjustment of the seats in the front, glove box with cooling, a place for key which is less thanGO, COMAND Online and others.

Try COMAND Online Mercedes-Benz M Class ML 250- it is really easy and fast to rent a car at our company!