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Rent BMW X5

The first all-wheel drive BMW X5 appeared back in the 99th and the modern version of this model can now be rented at our car rental service.

For those times the car was equipped with all modern systems and technologies.The braking system dynamic control and its control during the turn are combined in the anti-blocking system. In addition, the system of stability control is added to the configuration.

It is also worth talking about the fact that cars were given the highest ratings in terms of reliability on crash tests.

There are some changes in modern BMW X5 comparing to the elder ones. It has already become wider and longer, and seats in the third row have also appeared. The new car has a shock absorber control system – AdaptiveDrive, it also has been significantly modified in styling.

It has new headlights in front and behind, a new radiatorgrille. Moreover, there is a new 4.4 litres enginein the BMW X5.

Another modification includes3-litre diesel unit with 218 horsepower. Anyway, this car deserves the titleof one of the best SUVs which provide excellent comfort and safety.

  • Lidiia Plekhova

    добрый день! интересует аренда на несколько дней с водителем. для иностранцев. возможен такой вариан и какая стоимость в сутки будет?

  • Яна Гурская

    добрый день! подскажите, пожалуйста, цену аренды на 2 дня без водителя. заранее спасибо