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  • Bentley GT Speed
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Sports coupe
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Car for rent BENTLEY GT SPEED in the Kiev company VIP CAR

In our car rental service it is possible to book a vehicle and get a brand new Bentley! It is truly incredible, moreover, the car reflects luxury and depth of sport style.

Speaking about the color, you are able to choose it by yourself. The main paintwork may be complemented by high-gloss black paint on details, for example, on headlights or moldings. Behind the completely black 21-inch wheel disks of 5 spokes brake calipers can be seen.They may be painted black or red.

For a bright highlight contrasting details may be chosen: a front splitter, steps or a back diffuser which are presented in different color variations.

As the final touch in the design you may choose a real-view mirrors which may be painted in the same color scheme as the whole car.

A combination of dark and bright colors is used in the interior decoration. A dashboard is decorated with carbon fiber which can be seen on the console forming a dark space.

The leather edging of the central console and seats has the same color as main details of car exterior. The rhombus-shaped pattern on the seats and doors is emphasized by contrasting stitching in the appropriate color scheme.

Rental of Bentley GT Speed has a great success in Kiev. You may appreciate its luxury by yourself – all you need is to contact our company VIP CAR!

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