Lexus GS 350

  • Lexus GS 350
  • Lexus GS 350
  • Lexus GS 350
  • Lexus GS 350
  • Lexus GS 350
  • Lexus GS 350
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Take LEXUS GS 350 for rent!

Even before you rent Lexus GS 350and sit behind the wheel of this car, you may get pleasure by looking at it dynamic and honed appearance.

Unlike its predecessors, it is noticeably different not only by appearance, but also by technical features. The reason is that the professionals in the production of Lexus were set different tasks in comparison with the previous ones, so it is quite unique and renewed vehicle.

Japanese have sacrificed maximum comfort in order to reach reduced weight, higher level of security and maximum enjoyment from control during riding.

Aluminium is used for the development of the car’s body, moreover there is a double-lever suspension in front and rear part and subframes. Car weight is lowered and at the same time body stiffness at the time of torsion is raised.

These cars have four-wheel drive, they also equipped with a center differential system, which is blocked by an electro-hydraulic clutch. Its body is stylish and very sporty, furthermore aerodynamic characteristicsare significantly improved.

Interior is still like an enveloping cocoon – soft and luxurious. In addition, the previous mistakes have been corrected and the car got a more spacious luggage compartment of 465 litres.