Mercedes –Benz G500 AMG 63-stile rental

  • Mercedes –Benz G500 AMG 63-stile
  • Mercedes –Benz G500 AMG 63-stile
  • Mercedes –Benz G500 AMG 63-stile
  • Mercedes –Benz G500 AMG 63-stile
  • Mercedes –Benz G500 AMG 63-stile
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  • 4-14 days
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  • 30+ days
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Car for rent MERCEDES-BENZ G500 AMG 63-STILE

Gelendwagen is a purely perfect car. If you have been dreaming of driving this auto, stop living in fantasies! Feel free to visit our rental service and book it in order to experience all the delight of the trip in a luxury car!

It is a kind of classic model as it has been produced over the years, so Gelendwagen has earned this honorable title.

There is a number of models which production has started long ago and they are still in demand. And because of the «advanced age» they are called classic. This story is exactly about Gelendwagen which will exist forever like the Egypt pyramids.

Nevertheless, this car looks more and more noble with time, like an expensive cognac. Gelendwagen is fit, square and lean and remind a German tank of the II World War. Despite of the fact that there are no tracks on the car, it moves really confidently in any road conditions.

The manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz has improves the G-class by giving a lot of love and inspiration outin the process in order to emphasize the status of leader among other SUVs. Speaking about the interior of the vehicle, the only one comparison comes to the mind – a royal throne! It is made of exquisite materials, and the stylish design is really breathtaking!

Moreover, Gelendwagen has one more detail – the changed center console along with the dashboard, so there is one question – how all of this can fit into the class «G»? Every detail of the interior has its own meaning and designed very harmoniously.

The same applies to the screen which improves visibility for the driver, so it helps to reach better safety. And one more for the emotional outburst – Gelendwagen is equipped with 20-inch wheels with brake calipers! Try this wonderful car today, all you need is to contact our service and we guarantee that the rental car will be provided right on time at a good price.

  • Вадим Бойко

    Машина зверь!
    По городу ездить на нём просто супер, все уступают дорогу)

  • Виктор

    Решил осуществить свою юношескую мечту и взять напрокат гелик. На сайте нашел G500 и удивился цене. Для начала решил взять на сутки,потом, сев за руль этого автомобиля, решил что больше его не верну ))
    Накатался от души 3 недели.Удовольствия получил море,ни разу не возникло ни единой проблемы с машиной. Теперь вторая мечта купить гелик))